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I am a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer, health coach, and running coach, and stretch therapist with advanced trainings in mindfulness meditation and pre- and post-natal yoga. I believe in striving for whole-body health and a balanced lifestyle, and I love nothing more than assisting people on their journeys to feeling better and stronger--physically and mentally. 


For the most part, I've always been physically active and mindful of at least trying to stay healthy. Channeling these interests into a career in health and fitness is a dream come true. I offer a variety of services and combinations of services to suit each individual: yoga instruction, fitness training, health coaching, and meditation guidance. I'm also a certified running coach, specializing in coming back to running after injury, pregnancy, or a long break. 


I would characterize my style of teaching or coaching as challenging but supportive; I always check in on where my client is, mentally and physically, on any given day. Some days doing 20 hill repeats is a great idea, while other days call for a restorative yoga/stretching session. I love designing fusion workouts and classes that incorporate strength building, stretching, and cardio. I particularly enjoy working with beginners in all of these areas!

As a mom myself, I'm passionate about keeping moms-to-be healthy, strong, and still engaging in physical activity to the extent they can and want to. As a distance runner, I also enjoy helping runners and athletes get the most out of their performance by integrating focused recovery modalities like stretching, mobility work, foam rolling, Hypervolt massage, etc.


Outside of yoga, running, and trying new workout classes around NYC, I love to camp, read, and binge podcasts.


I’ll try anything once, and I encourage this openness in my clients.

Explore your edges. 

Try new things. 

Get to know yourself and your body. Maybe even grow to love yourself a little more. 

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All services are tailored to the individual or group, including the workplace, special events, etc.


Tailored to your needs and desires, including pre- and postnatal, fitness/strength, relaxation, cross-training, recovery, etc. One-on-one, couples or small group. I love teaching beginners and experienced yogis looking to add bodyweight strength training into their yoga practice.



I am a certified personal trainer, running coach, and health coach, creating plans focused on one of these pursuits or incorporating all 3. I specialize in first time marathoners and those returning to running/working out after a long break.

Boot Camp


I am a certified Stretch Therapist and Mindfulness Meditation guide. Focused recovery/stretching or guided meditation sessions can be added on to a workout or booked on their own. I specialize in running recovery and desk jockeys.

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