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Marathon Runners

Run Coaching &Marathon Training

Running/marathon coaching:

I've been a distance runner for about thirteen years, training for multiple marathons, countless halves, and 5k series, with different coaches and teams. I got certified by Road Runners Club of America in 2018 and started coaching right away.


I specialize in those brand-new to either running or distance races, or those returning to running after longer breaks from injury, parenthood, or life getting in the way. I can help you finish your first marathon or PR on your next. I really geek out on creating custom training plans to suit your schedule, fitness, desired finish time, and reasonable level of effort. All plans include strength training, dynamic warm-ups, post-run recovery instruction, and nutrition tips in the form of weekly emails and short videos, as well as frequent communication with me (in person or virtual), and plan adjustments. I limit the number of people I train each running season to give everyone personal attention.


Looking for a truly transformational marathon training experience? I'm so excited about my new Mindful Marathon Program, suitable for all levels, which will truly change your life: weekly and monthly challenges to dig deep within yourself, working on more than just your pace and distance to change your mind, attitude, and outlook while you train your body. It's my pride and joy and I can't wait to share it with you!

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