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Stretch Therapy

With over a decade of experience working with bodies in yoga and fitness, getting certified as a Stretch Therapist in 2019 was a natural professional progression. I perform 1-on-1 assisted, dynamic, full-body stretches in your home or private gym. Massage table preferred, but we can make mats on the floor work.


Frequent, dynamic stretching can help with mobility, injury, pain/discomfort, muscle recovery, and athletic performance. It also just feels good, physically and mentally. Getting stretched by a trained professional gets deeper and more comprehensively than stretching on your own, and you don't have to do any of the work!

Available in 60 or 75-minute sessions or 25-minutes tacked on to the end of a personal training or running workout. Sessions may include use of Hypervolt massage gun. 

Group/corporate events and classes available, too.

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