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3 Months In: A 25% Changed Woman?

I never would have believed it if someone told me at the beginning of this project how much my life and how I live it would change in just the first 3 months.

I am absolutely living on a deeper level.

I am more present and more aware.

I'm heedful of the words that come out of my mouth and the impact they have, intended or not.

I am more conscious of the tiny transgressions that I commit against others by being too wrapped up in my own desires, needs, thoughts, drives.

I'm more aware of similar transgressions agains myself by my thoughts, self-talk, and how I use my time.

I am more cognizant of my personal impact on the environment, as well as all of humanity's impact.

I've had several unexpected work opportunities open up for me in the last 6 weeks: a few new clients and 2 new opportunities to expand professionally. There is hope for me! I believe that by being more conscious of what I'm doing day-to-day and minute to minute, I've heightened my vibration and readied myself (Adikara) to receive these opportunities.

I started this project because I needed something more meaningful and stimulating to do with my time in the absence of a larger workload. I got meaning, provocation, engagement, and a larger workload, all of which I'm up to the challenge of meeting.

I am so much more inspired, motivated, excited, optimistic, and confident in myself and my purpose, all from just slowing down and examining what I'm doing, what impact I can have, and what's going on around me. It is utterly empowering and up-lifting.

Things that have stuck:

  • I'm still watching where I'm "running interference" in others' lives and giving unsolicited advice.

  • When faced with a choice, I use Ahimsa to guide my decision in two ways: 1. I chose whichever option causes the least amount of harm, and/or 2. I do the thing that I am normally less likely to do, trying to do new or different things more often.

  • Being more honest and forthright with how I feel; confronting people and situations that are uncomfortable with strength and kindness.

  • Speaking up when it's appropriate and necessary, but keeping my mouth shut more often, letting the other person say what they need to say, asking myself whether or not they really need a response from me, or do they just need me to listen?

  • I am always looking at what ideas, habits, people, circumstances, etc. are no longer serving me, and continue to, but it's a long and complicated process to discard the bigger ones (like people) from my life. And it's difficult to confront these truths, but there is some relief in doing it.

  • Adikara: doing the work and preparation to be ready for what I want when it comes, so that I can be worthy of it and hold onto it. (ex: working very hard, keeping my mind clear and my energy pure)

  • I'm more environmentally friendly; I enjoy the challenge of using less plastic and creating less waste in general.

  • I try not to steal other people's time, but am also more conscious of not letting others steal mine.

  • I'm more open to seeing the real truth in people, I think, whether it's better or worse than my preconceptions.

  • Being a "forklift" to others.

One of the biggest takeaways that's also easiest to measure is that I'm so much more aware of my environmental impact and excited about reducing it. I now use fabric napkins, don't use plastic baggies or Saran wrap anymore, ask for no straws or plastic wear when out or getting take-out, and just generally look for ways to limit my own personal footprint. It's like a fun side project to this project.

Living a more examined life is allowing me to live a fuller, deeper life. It's incredibly satisfying. And although this project keeps me busy and I'm constantly behind on my writing, it's also somehow allowing me to feel lighter and less stressed--I feel better about the decisions I'm making because they're more measured and come from a place of greater integrity. I go to bed at night tired and feeling productive, both personally and professionally.

Can I continue on this upward trajectory for the rest of the year though??


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