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I Failed to Live in Non-Excess, So I'm Starting Over

As I sit down to try to catch up on writing about 3 weeks' worth of challenges that I could barely remember--much less fulfill--throughout the month, I make the declaration that I am re-doing the entire month.

Week one (all about sex) went well because it was easy and I was on vacation. Week two (don't overindulge or over-do it in anything) I completely failed because as it turns out, I'm not actually very good at living in a space of moderation and not veering into excess. Week three (see god everywhere and in everyone) I practiced one morning and then promptly forgot. Week four (see myself as divine) I didn't even read until the week was pretty much over.

I need more practice in practicing Brahmacharya, so I'm devoting June to trying it again, and it feels like such a relief!

The best thing about not really telling anyone about this blog--yet-- is that I am my own accountability. And the best thing about it being a personal project, as opposed to a publicly declared undertaking, is that I make all the rules, so when I need a do-over, I can give myself one. I also conveniently padded the project with an extra month for just this reason. I was hoping I wouldn't have to use it, but maybe knowing it won't exist anymore will keep me more focused on not falling behind in the future. (Not likely)

How often do we need a do-over and then actually get it??


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