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I was inspired to sign up for a marathon today. Thanks, Joe and Kamala.

It's a very good day.

January 20th, Inauguration Day. The end of the most embarrassing, regressive, shocking, and saddest four years of our country's history. So long, 45; you're a fucking monster and you belong in prison.

I didn't mean for this post to go in that direction, much less start off so negatively. It just came out.

What I want to write about is the genuine optimism I feel today as Joe and Kamala take over as Executive leaders. Joe wasn't my first pick but he has my full support and love. I truly feel that he is dedicated to digging us out of the hole (holes?) that 45 put us in, without ego or designs on personal career advancement. I mean, at seventy-eight wise years old, this is probably the last stop on his political trajectory, so I think he'll be working for America rather than himself.

I'm inspired today by simply the fresh start, for one. But also by the individuals themselves who took office today: Joe Biden achieved a life-long dream to hold the Presidency, at the RIPE OLD AGE OF 78!! That's fucking inspiring! There's hope for me and my next career (whatever that turns out to be)! He could be sipping Mai Tais on a beach or play golf in Delaware for the rest of his golden years, but instead he's committing himself to get up early, work hard, learn new things, and take on immense stress and dissent for the betterment of us, of our future. It's commendable and totally inspiring.

Kamala Harris has broken a thick glass ceiling by becoming the first female and female of color to hold the Vice Presidency. She is cool and smart and so busy with career and family, but somehow keeps it all together. I love her attitude--a friendly firmness that I aspire to. She's not that much older than me, so I look to her as a model of how to be a well-rounded, successful woman in the second half of her life.

This week also marked the passing of 400,000 humans from Covid-19. Hundreds of thousands of others are still suffering from long-term side effects, still unable to comfortably take a breath.

So what does this have to do with me signing up for a marathon? Why make it about me and my superfluous goals that serve no one but me? I'm just filled with inspiration today-- to do it again, to shred my PR of seven years ago when I was younger and possibly more fit. I'm inspired to shed my old belief that my age determines what I can and can not do. I'm inspired to take on this time-consuming task, while maintaining balance of work and family. No, not just 'maintain', but grow and improve in those areas. I'm grateful for my strong body and healthy lungs, and will push them because I have that luxury.I'm inspired to do more and try harder. I'm inspired to believe in myself just like I believe in our new leaders and the future of America.

All of that and the fact that the race entry fee will jump in the next few days, so...

Here's to a new era-- one of optimism, equanimity, peace, and healing for all of us.

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